Golden Fleece Petrol Bowser Globe

Golden Fleece Ram Gas Pump Globe

Absolutely Best Quality Made From The Original Mould!

Correct Dimensions, Colors and Pattern.

This Is Not a Cheap Poor Copy as many are. This is the Real Deal!

Properly Mounted on a Clear stand.

This is the correct exact Golden Fleece Ram.


Complete Your Gamesroom, Bar, Mancave or Garage by owning "that Super Cool" Golden Fleece Ram Bowser Pump Globe.

Grab This One While It Is Around.

Unlike so many cheap repos, this one is made from the actual Golden Fleece Bowser Globe Mould and is toughened Acrylic.

It has serious work attached to it.

 The Cheap plastic ones will not break if dropped. This one will.

This item is superb quality and can easily be lit up by placing a fitting and globe inside it. But it stands out alone on any shelf and looks fantastic.

As a quality item it is Rich in Color throughout and will not fade (under normal circumstances).

Please come into the showroom to inspect and see the difference.

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