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Arrival Limited Edition (500 units) MSRP $16,995 AUD
Voyage Collector Edition (300 units) MSRP $18,995 AUD
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Players will travel through time and space to make Abba immortal by forging their “Abbatars.” By gathering members’ instruments, outfits and even souls, players will become closer to The Medallion of Power, which is the key to performing well in the game.


Players will be transported to the 70s and 80s, in which Abba toured across the world. To finish, players can travel to the voyage dimension, facing the final wizard mode.


The game features over 20 of Abba's biggest hits, paired with visuals from the Abba Voyage show in London. The Playfield is equipped with a disco ball and the Arrival helicopter from Abba's iconic album cover.

It is available in two editions, Voyage Limited at 300 units and Arrival Limited at 500 units.

Voyage is based around the holographic revival of the band, where Arrival is based on the 1976 album.


The playfield design is by Alexander Spohr, with sound design by Olof Gustafsson, video graphics by Kelly Mazurowski and cabinet/playfield artwork by Andreas Bennwik.

The game comes in two versions – Arrival Limited Edition (maximum 500 units) and Voyage Collector Edition (maximum 300 units). The Arrival Edition uses representations of the band from 1976, the year of the Arrival album release along with a clean, understated geometric design.

The Voyage Collector Edition uses assets from the Voyage holographic stage show currently running in London. Details of plans to establish a second Voyage show at a custom-built venue in Las Vegas were recently announced, although that is yet to be confirmed as is a prospective date for the launch.

Both editions include additional video content taken from the stage show to complement the promotional videos for all twenty-plus classic ABBA songs used. Both versions also come with a special model-specific goodie box.

The bottom apron includes interactive lighting effects as does the backbox illumination. There are also outputs for backbox add-ons such as toppers.

So, let’s move on to what’s on that playfield.

The playfield is the same on both versions and is a three-flippered, six-ball game using Pinball Brothers’ new Razorback+ electronics system which adds end-of-stroke switches to the flippers for improved feel and control.

Probably the most prominent feature is the helicopter which was used in an earlier tease for the game. This locks – and releases – balls for multiball.


It’s almost inevitable that the game would include a motorised disco mirror ball and, sure enough, it does.


Beneath the helicopter is a scoop, while to the left is the clear left ramp with a diverter to either feed the ball back to the left inlane or into a whirlpool which drops into the left orbit lane.

There are four (A-B-B-A) pop bumpers with a rebound to increase the ball action in the right pops area, a Take – A Chance – On Me standup target bank and a ‘Song Contest’ 3-bank of drop targets, as well as a trio of spinners found in the left, right and inner orbit lanes.


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Obviously an ABBA pinball has to include plenty of classic ABBA tracks and the Pinball Brothers’ game doesn’t disappoint, with over twenty ABBA tracks incorporated into the gameplay.

Some of those tracks are yet to be revealed, but we can bring you details of the first sixteen:

Dancing Queen
Does Your Mother Know
Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
Knowing Me, Knowing You
Mamma Mia
Money, Money, Money
Ring Ring
Summer Night City
Super Trouper
Take A Chance On Me
The Winner Takes It All
The first sixteen ABBA tracks revealed




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