Mr Pinball Ultimate Upright With 3500 Games Onboard

The Best Ultimate Upright Game On The Market At A Price That Kills The Opposition
Also Ask About Our 26" Screen Version
ALL WITH 3500 Games.
22" ONLY $2,090
26" ONLY $2,290
26 upright with generic artwork 
A huge dual control panel for two player side by side games in Widescreen and at the same time.
This Ultimate Upright plays almost every game you can imaging in glorious LCD flat screen quality.
The Mr Pinball Ultimate Upright is directly imported by us from the manufacturer with no middleman.  It is feature packed with over 2000 of your favorite original arcade games in the one unit.
It looks brilliant with rich neutral black cabinet designed to match any room decor and full featured colorful decals and header.

Will not look over bearing in any room its placed and will blend in beautifully.

It is solidly built and sturdy to take heaps of punishment.
Full sized 22" LCD flat screen monitor gives images we could only dream about back in the day and it never flickers on the edges like other Uprights. The colors are vivid and rich right across the screen.
Unlike other Uprights, a special coin mech is included that is adjustable to take any coin,  so you can charge a dollar a game,  or have fun with 10 cents a game as a money box if you like.  Naturally it can be set on free play if desired so no coins are required. A large service door for easy access if ever needed for internal work.
2 Controls offers dual play at once with 12 buttons!
The joysticks are the excellent fully reboundable to the centre type for quick response play.
This Game will be the showpiece of your home or games room and is a total crowd pleaser with everyones favorite games that never go out of fashion.  Space invaders, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Pacman, Pheonix, Frogger, 1942, Gunsmoke, Rally X, Qix, Galaxian, Gyruss, Centipede just to name a few.
Then there is dozens of Street fighters, marvel vs capcoms, every type of sport game, basketball, soccer (tons of them), grid iron, wrestling, boxing etc etc.
Endless puzzle games, double dragons, metal slugs, puzzle bobbles, gauntlet, you name it, its on this brilliant machine. If you played a different game every day it would take you more than 5 years before you played the same game!
And we offer full back up service and 12 Months warranty on every Game. Not that you will need it as these units have proven to be very reliable over many years of selling them.  Endless fun for every member of the family and all your friends.
Order Yours Today.