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 Legend Of Valhalla Pinball


Designed by Riot Pinball / Manufactured by American Pinball

Are your skills sharpened for battle?

Legends of Valhalla, designed by Riot Pinball, is the 4th American Pinball title. Legends of Valhalla is an immersive pinball machine which brings the player into the world of the Norse gods and other Viking mythology. The game is a standard body design, utilizing three flippers offering a variety of fast and unique shots, including 3 metal ramps. The game rules have a variety of objectives that the player must either start or complete as they work their way through the game attempting to not only reach the wizard mode Valhalla, the majestic hall of dead Vikings, but also advance to the final epic battle known as Ragnarok, the super wizard mode.

Legends of Valhalla has 16 intricate modes programmed in the form of Viking legends for players to explore along with many multiballs and several mini features that are unlocked during specific actions while playing the game. 

The game also exhibits a couple of fun playfield features such as the Kraken, which grabs the ball via a hidden magnet mounted underneath the playfield and flings it around in chaos. Also featured is a Viking ship where the player builds their army by locking balls inside to begin multiball play. Additionally, Thor's hammer, which is mounted on the back panel and activated by a 3rd flipper button, comes crashing down onto the ball which is held by a magnet just over the top lanes, simulating a dramatic lightning strike, adding to the gameplay experience.

Deluxe Edition Playfield Features:

  • 3 Flippers
  • 6 Balls
  • 3 Metal Ramps with Wireform returns
  • Special Gold-Foil Apron *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Sculpted and hand-painted Odin figure *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Special hand-painted shields on ship *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Interactive Thor’s Hammer 
  • 1 Hidden Kraken Magnet
  • 1 Thor’s Hammer Magnet above top lanes
  • 1 Spinner
  • 1 Berzerker Controllable Drop Target
  • 7 Stand-Up Targets
  • Flippers lit with Apron Lighting
  • Over 100 RGB lights
  • 2 Spotlights 
  • 12 Flashers 
  • Sculpted and hand-painted Skull Pile
  • 500 Professional Callouts
  • Epic Soundtrack featuring 23 licensed music tracks from Two Steps from Hell

Rule Features:

  • 22 Total modes, including:
  • 16 Legend Battle modes (5 are multiball)
  • 6 other modes (3 are multiball)
  • Valhalla Wizard Mode
  • Ragnarok Super Wizard Mode 

Deluxe Edition Cabinet Features:

  • Real Mirrored Backglass *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Topper *Deluxe Exclusive
  • 15.6" Full Color High-Resolution LCD
  • 4 stereo speakers plus 8” cabinet subwoofer
  • Upgraded gold-color Powder Coated side rails, backbox hinges, lockdown bar and legs *Deluxe Exclusive
  • Shaker Motor *Deluxe Feature
  • Knocker *Deluxe Feature
  • Anti-Reflective ‘Magic’ Playfield Glass *Deluxe Feature
  • 275 lbs. unboxed
  • 75"H x 29"W x 55"D





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Demo Game has Arrived and Ready to Play!

Games On The Water Secure One Now $15,990 Limited Deluxe Model.

Hot Wheels Pinball includes internal cabinet art and Topper as standard and Mr Pinball Australia Model also Includes a Shaker Motor and Knocker.


backglass HW

It's time to get hot!

For over 50 years, Mattel's HOT WHEELS™ die cast cars have been sought and collected by hundreds of millions of fans all over the world. Over 5 billion cars have been sold incorporating more than 20,000 different car designs.

Today this multi-generational franchise is bigger than it's ever been, and by far the #1 selling toy in the world!*

And now American Pinball is proud to present the first officially licensed HOT WHEELS™ pinball machine. The exciting and fast-paced world of HOT WHEELS™ comes to life under glass, featuring a dazzling array of gameplay objectives that will keep players of all ages racing back to play again and again.

Screen Shot 2020 06 02 at 9.54.58 PM 768x1197

Playfield Features

  • 6 balls
  • Two ramps with translucent Hot Wheels™ orange and blue coloring
  • Fully Decaled Apron
  • Internal Cabinet Side Art included with every game
  • Over 140 RGB lights for both feature inserts and general playfield illumination
  • 4 Flashers
  • Magnet that grabs or accelerates the ball
  • 3 Redline Tire Pop Bumpers
  • 2 Drop Targets
  • Saucer with side kick-out
  • Vertical Upkick (VUK) with Orange Loop Return
  • Player-Facing Kicker
  • 2 Spinners
  • First of its kind, 3D Lenticular back panel
  • 5 Hot Wheels™ Cars on display including Interactive Spinning Hot Wheels™ car
  • R-P-M Stand-Up Targets
  • Collect Car Stand-Up Targets
  • B-A-T-T-L-E Stand-Up Targets
  • Shooter lane ball re-entry
  • Center Post

Rule Features

  • 5 multiball modes
  • R-P-M targets rev TACH for increased scoring and REDLINE multiball to collect RIP ROD™
  • B-A-T-T-L-E targets & lit saucer to BATTLE CREATURES
  • Hit Car targets to collect CARS. Fill collector case for CAR CHAOS to collect TWIN MILL™
  • Complete lit LOOPS to crash cars and start LOOP CRASH MULTIBALL
  • Track-Building
  • EPIC Challenges
  • Collect all cars to become a Hot Wheels™ Legend

Cabinet Features

  • Direct Digital Print Backglass
  • Multiple Custom Music Tracks paced to gameplay
  • 15.6" Full Color LCD with 1366x768 resolution
  • 4 stereo speakers plus 8” cabinet subwoofer
  • Powder Coated Cabinet Armor
  • 275lbs unboxed
  • 75"H x 29"W x 55"D

* Source: The NPD Group/Retail Tracking Service

HOT WHEELS and associated trademarks and trade dress are owned by, and used under license from, Mattel. © 2020 Mattel


In Stock Only $13,990 Inc GST




1920hd pb queen claim6 Copy







With over 300 million albums sold worldwide, the iconic British rock band Queen are one of the biggest bands ever. Formed in London in 1971, Queen have released 15 studio albums, toured extensively, and produced innovative film, video and theatre shows for over 5 decades and they continue to pull in the crowds around the world.

The time has now come to honour this legendary band with a pinball machine based on their truly spell- binding songs – all played LIVE!

The game will be available in two different editions: Champions Edition and Rhapsody Edition. Rhapsody Edition is limited to a run of 1,000 numbered games and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The limited Rhapsody Edition will come with a number of unique add-ons and the two editions will be different in appearance.

We have worked closely with the band to ensure their approval and it features the following live songs: A Kind OfMagic, Another One Bites The Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Hammer To Fall, I Want To Break Free, Killer Queen, OneVision, Play The Game, Radio Ga Ga, Seven Seas Of Rhye, Somebody To Love, We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions and Who Wants To Live Forever.


Game Features

The game features 14 live songs accompanied by call outs by the band, exclusively recorded for the game. Featured also is Brian May’s legendary Red Special guitar, in the shape of an upper playfield where you can lock balls to start the Red Special multiball. Or you can visit the epic Wembley Stadium to lock balls

to start yet another of the game’s many multiballs.

Keep an eye on the Radio – it might help you time your flips! Collect autographs, instruments, band mem- bers, tour passes and posters on your way to eventually reaching the final wizard mode »I Want it All!«

The game is presented with a breath-taking full RGB light show and a HiFidelity sound system, including an 8” bass speaker. It is hard to imagine a better way of experiencing Queen live, whether it be at the club or in your own living room. It is truly immersive!

Pricing and Availability

Champions Edition (Orange artwork)                           $16,990.00

Rhapsody Limited Edition (Golden artwork)                 $19,995.00

The Rhapsody Edition is limited to 1000 units and will be available through our global distributors. The Champions Edition will become available in Q1 2023.

Pre-order today!

Deposit Required $2,500 for Champions Edition and $3,500 for Rhapsody Edition


About Pinball Brothers

Our headquarters are based in Örebro, Sweden, but our dynamic and modern organisation spans the Europeancontinent. Our games are designed by specialists in many cities across the globe and assembled in Northern Italy, just outside Bergamo, Milan. This multitude of nationalities, working together, gives a unique mix of talent and passion that funnels into all our development projects.

We invent, design, and assemble our pinball games in close contact with the gaming community, always withthe customer in mind. Our games are based on legendary, timeless themes ensuring for a truly epic experience for all players.

About Oktoberfest



Pinball on Tap

Experience the world famous Oktoberfest, year round, with Pinball on Tap! Travel around the festival, visiting over a dozen tents and collecting steins for each.

Thrill at the exciting rides, including the amazing Corkscrew rollercoaster! Enjoy fantastic music, food, and drink to round out the ultimate Oktoberfest adventure.


Playfield Features

  • Multiple wireform ramps including the Awesome Corkscrew Roller Coaster, with twin loops and a zig zag
  • Rollercoaster Shack & Beer Barrel 3-ball lock mechanisms
  • RGB lighting for both feature inserts and general playfield illumination
  • Otto the Bartender - Interactive target and ball lock assembly
  • Three flippers
  • Three bumper car pop bumpers
  • Three slingshots
  • Four magnets, two of which are player-controlled via MagNab cabinet button
  • Ramp that raises and lowers

Rule Features

  • 5 multiballs (including Beer Barrel Multiball and Corkscrew Multiball)
  • 14 Tent Modes, including a video mode and a mini-wizard mode
  • Beer Stein Power Ups to assist player towards objectives and increase scoring
  • Food Stand, scoring accelerator with two special modes, including a mini-wizard mode
  • Three mini-wizard modes and an Uber-Wizard mode
  • Lots of ducks!

Cabinet Features

  • Real backglass
  • Custom music
  • 275lbs unboxed
  • 75"H x 29"W x 55"D
  • 15.6" Full Color LCD with 1366x768 resolution
  • 6 stereo speakers plus 8” cabinet subwoofer


Oktoberfest Pinball

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Limited Time Only Special: Includes Shaker Motor, Magic Blades, Knocker,Topper, Beer Stein.

Games are On The Water Due Soon $14,990.00



Houdini Pinball

The rules are Almost complete
Skill shot – shoot moving red target for skill shot, shoot moving green target for super skill shot

The mini-magician (wizard) modes should be added sometime in January, and the master magician (wizard) mode after that

There are two outlane drain modes to try to save your ball: Return from Beyond and Escape Death

There are five movie modes – start all five to reach a mini-magician (wizard) mode

There are five secret missions – complete all five to reach a mini-magician (wizard) mode

There are five jail escape hurry-ups – complete all five for mini-magician (wizard) mode

There are 10 modes at the stage

For the Master Magician (Wizard) Mode, you must collect all the HOUDINI letters by:
complete all 10 Stage modes
complete all five Movie modes
collect eight items from the Magic Shop
complete all five Jail Escape Hurry-ups
complete all five Secret Missions
earn a super jackpot during Trunk Multiball
earn a certain number of jackpots during Seance Multiball



Sell Whatever You Have

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Limited Time Only Special: Includes Shaker Motor, Magic Blades, Magic Glass.

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The Ultimate Virtual Pinball Machines
New Pinup Popper system with 1300 games, with Force feedback, Solenoids, Led Flashers
Why buy one game when you can have 1300 all in 1
2 New Models Available, 48" HD Screen or a 49" 4K Screen
48" HD is $4,950
49" 4k is $5,950 also has Flashing Beacon Lighting
Both Have Under cabinet Lighting, Flashers, Solonoid & Shaker Motor.
Call now to buy 03-9558-1011

LATEST RELEASE… Come in to our Showroom to have a look.. they are totally awesome.

Nearly every pinball machine made is on this game, Addams Family, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Medieval Madness, ACDC, Monster Bash, Simpsons, Flintstones, Playboy, Black Hole, Funhouse, Fishtales, Getaway, Elvira, Twilight Zone etc.  1,300 Pinball Games in 1. All virtual, all with original Dot Matrix animations, sounds, speech etc.

The biggest problem with owning a pinball machine is that you’re always stuck with the one machine.

Once you’ve mastered that machine you’ll be longing for more.
Pinball machines don’t come cheap, and they certainly don’t come small.  Owning all of your favourite pinball machines isn’t feasible for most.
With the Virtual Pinball, now you can!

The Pinball is a full size, full digital pinball machine which offers multiple tables at the push of a button.

It’s also a much more reliable option as it doesn’t contain all the mechanical parts which can fail at any time.

49''4k new pinup popper pinball machine is $4,950.00
48'' HD new pinup popper pinball machine is $5,950.00
The difference between thse 2 type pinball as below : 
(1) 49'' 4k screen has 3840 x 2160 resolution ; but 48'' high definition screen only has 1920 x 1080 resolution.
(2) 49''4k pinball machine have better computer configuration , specification as below : 
Video card:GTX1650/GTX1060 
48''HD pinball machine computer confiiguration as below : 
video card:GTX 750 4G

*  3 screen setup : 48″ HD Screen for playfield, 32″ LED for back glass ,15″ LED for DMD

Dimension : 135 (L)x 72 (W)x 172(H) cm ; Weight : 95 KG

Cactus Canyon Banner image






Do you have what it takes to save the day? Cactus Canyon Remake puts you in the game as the future lawman of the old west town of Cactus Canyon. Save the town bank from a robbery, show off your skills as an expert marksman, even tame wild broncos and don't forget to save Polly Peril from the train!

Cactus Canyon is the fourth game in the exciting line of remakes of the greatest Bally/Williams pinball machines.

Cactus Canyon features expanded game rules, new display art and new sounds all of which are exclusive to Cactus Canyon Remake. All new full-color display artwork, re-imagined within the framework of the original Williams display artwork at four times the resolution. Thousands of frames have been painstakingly animated to create a display that features full color and four times the number of dots as the original Williams game.

Both models feature Chicago Gaming’s 19-¼” XL Color Display which has twice the viewing area of the display utilized in the original game. Modern Electronics, LED lighting, and today's manufacturing technology help deliver a game experience that exceeds expectations.

Wild West Shootout Topper (Included on Limited Edition & Optional on Special Edition Model)

The Wild West Shootout Topper is included with the Limited Edition and Special Edition+ Model features the first mini game ever included in a topper. Use flipper buttons to aim and test your marksman skills as you battle through the town but please be careful not to hit the peaceful folks of Cactus Canyon. Black Bart uses both fully rotating pistol wielding arms to shoot at you every chance he gets. Are you a good enough gunslinger to knock Black Bart back and save the day?

Interactive RGB General Illumination (Limited and Special Editions Only)

Cactus Canyon Remake features interactive LED lighting throughout the game. Interactive General Illumination will engage your senses and bring the game to life.

All New Original Sculptures

Cactus Canyon features many new sculptures including:

New Train Tracks and Diecast Metal Train

New Custom Lower Arches

Lower Arches for both games are exceptional and feature new revolver sculptures and bullets. The LE Gunslinger Lower Arch additionally features a laser branded wooden top and cast metal LE Medallion which showcases the serial number of your game.

HD Color Display Art

  • Bad Guy Champ
    Bank Robbery Foiled
  • Bank Robbery Shootout 1
    Bank Robbery Shootout 2
  • Bank Robbery Shootout 3
    Bank Robbery Shootout 4
  • Bart Bros Complete
    Beer Mug Champ
  • Beer Mug Status 1
    Beer Mug Status 2
  • Bionic Bart 1
    Bionic Bart 2
  • Bionic Bart 3
    Bionic Bart 4
  • Bionic Bart 5
    Bionic Bart 6
  • Bionic Bart 7
    Bionic Bart 8
  • Bionic Bart Champ
    Combo Complete
  • Combo Shots 1
    Combo Shots 2
  • Dooley Beermug Shot
    Game Over
  • Gold Mine Champ
    Goldmine Multiball
  • High Noon Champ
    High Score To Date
  • Jets
    Marksman 1
  • Marksman 2
    Marksman 3
  • Marksman Completed
    Match 1
  • Match 2
    Match 3
  • Match 4
    Mother Load Complete
  • Ride Em Cowboy 1
    Ride Em Cowboy 2
  • Ride Em Cowboy 3
    Ride Em Cowboy 4
  • Ride Em Cowboy Bonus 1
    Ride Em Cowboy Bonus 2
  • Ride Em Cowboy Bonus Over 1
    Ride Em Cowboy Bonus Over 2
  • Ride Em Cowboy Bonus Over 3
    Ride Em Cowboy Completed
  • River Adventure 1
    River Adventure 2
  • River Adventure 3
    River Adventure 4
  • River Adventure 5
    Save Polly Left Ramp
  • Save Polly Right Ramp
    Save Polly Saved
  • Save Polly Status 1
    Save Polly Status 2
  • Shootout 1
    Shootout 2
  • Shootout 3
    Shootout 4
  • Shootout 5
    Shootout 6
  • Shootout 7
    Showdown Complete
  • Showdown Total
    Stampede Champ

Cactus Canyon Feature Matrix:

Special Edition
Special Edition Plus Topper
Limited Edition
  Cactus Canyon SE Cactus Canyon SE+ Cactus Canyon LE
XL Color Display (19.4") Included Included Included
Trim Color Stainless Stainless Gun Metal Gray
Premium Enhanced Sound System Included Included Included
RGB LED General Illumination including Jet Bumpers Included Included Included
RGB Back Panel Lighting Included Included Included
RGB LED Illuminated Mine Popper And Saloon Trough Included Included Included
Interactive LED Quick Draw Targets Included Included Included
Interactive LED Illuminated Drop Targets Included Included Included
Artist Sculpted Bart Bash Toy Included Included Included
Artist Sculpted Playfield Cacti Included Included Included
Diecast Metal Train Included Included Included
Upgraded Revolvers and LED Flashers on Lower Arch Included Included Included
Artist Sculpted Mine Mountain Included Included Included
Artist Sculpted Mine Cart and Tracks     Included
Artist Sculpted Train Tracks     Included
Gunslinger Lower Arch     Included
Limited Edition Metal Serial Number Medallion (1250)     Included
Wild West Shootout Topper   Included Included
Custom Interior Art Blades     Included
Shaker Motor     Included
Cactus Canyon™ Remake Enhanced Software Included Included Included
Cactus Canyon™ Remake Original Software Included Included Included
Electronics 12 Months 12 Months 24 Months
Mechanical and other components 6 Months 6 Months 12 Months
Prices (Excluding local freight ) $14,990 $17,990
Deposit Required  $1,500.00  $1,500.00


Cactus Canyon™ and © SG Gaming, Inc. 1998, 2021. Manufactured under license from SG Gaming, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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It's Baaaack!!!


The Greatest theme Pinball Machine ever to be built is Back!

Alien SV Now In Stock $14,990


The immersive experience of Alien just got even more immersive. Today the whole Pinball Brothers team is proud to reveal a first glimpse of the long-awaited Limited Version of Alien. Take the plunge into the Alien world, an experience now enhanced by limited artwork, custom cut Xeno head side armor and lit inner side blades and backboard. Fight through the legendary movies scenes with rotating interactive beacons adding to the experience.
The Limited Version of Alien is limited to 1000 units worldwide and is Available to Order Now!



Priced From as little as $14,990 for the SV


131515368 675750739804449 4814270273439393399 n


When the computer on the commercial space tug Nostromo detects a transmission in the middle of its flight
home, it wakes its crew to investigate the source of the signal. On the moon LV-426 they discover the wreck
of an old spaceship. Inside the ship, they come upon an array of large, leathery eggs. And the nightmare
Fight your way through fourteen original scenes from the Alien™ and Aliens™ movies. Choose which
adventure you want to play through at the beginning of the game.
Alien™ brings you:
Derelict Ship: Explore the unknown ship on LV-426 and find out what’s below this blue light.
Acid Burn: Follow the dripping acid through the decks to check where it goes.
Find Jonesy: Find the cat before the Xenomorph finds you!
Tunnel Hunt: Descend into the vent tunnel system to find and kill the Alien.
Self Destruct: Start the countdown to blow up the Nostromo and that abominable beast with it.
Aliens™ will haunt you with:
Combat Drop: Fly the drop ship to its destination without hitting a mountain.
APC: Navigate the APC through the structure on LV-426 and kill some Xenos on the way.
Bug Hunt: Find the colonists in the huge structure - and don’t get your team killed!
Queens Nest: You found the Alien queen and her nest. Now burn them down!
Loader Battle: Use the Power Loader exoskeleton to fight the Alien queen.
On top of this, you will get to play these multiballs:
Hypersleep: Revive your crew mates from their cryotubes.
Sentry Guns: Set up your automatic shooting sentry guns and let them blow Aliens away.
Ambush: Keep the attacking Aliens at bay in Ambush multiball.
Save Newt: Find Newt and protect her from the roaming Xenomorphs.
Should you still be alive after all those horrors, you might enter All Out War!
In this thrilling game, you will hunt Aliens by hitting the spinners hard, climb deck after deck to rescue
colonists over the shiny steel ramps, and finally stand up to the Alien queen in her nest! Be careful or the
ball-eating Xenomorph will throw your ball into the abyss and call its siblings to hunt you. Get your crew
members out of their hypersleep chambers to stand up to the danger with more than just one ball. Watch
the screen over the airlock closely, so you know where the enemy is waiting for you and how much time is
left before all is lost. If the moment is right, jump into the airlock and see what you must do next to save
everyone. Maybe you will even find a secret entrance? If you find the eggs, burn them so they won’t hatch
more of those face hugging monsters that try to jump at your ball from all sides. The MU-TH-UR 6000
computer will always have some surprises to help you out, so be sure to log in often. Run the lengths of the
darkest corridors to get a better shot at their ends. Get your crew into the ironclad APC and run it through
the inner hallways of the colony structures. And don’t forget to take your weapons with you! Better use
them all to double your score, save a life, or just hit that Alien twice with one shot!
Alien has been designed by David Sanders, art was directed by Aurich Lawson, music & sound FX have
been arranged by David Thiel, graphics & animation were rendered by Kelly Mazurowski, rules have been
programmed by Joe Schober, Brian Dominy did the software programming, James Rees engineered,
models by Matt Riesterer & Garret Popek, electronics laid out by Mark Rosier, some 2D artistry by Stefan
Akin and the voice of Carol Thiel, starring as MU-TH-UR 6000.
Alien has been resurrected by the Pinball Brothers.
ALIEN™ Pinball - Standard Version (SV)
Fight your way through 14 Original Scenes from the Alien™ and Aliens™ Movies
• Ball-Eating Xenomorph Toy with two RGB lit Bash Targets in front
• Physical 3-ball Hypersleep Chamber Lock
• 5" Airlock LCD Screen
• 3 Colour-Changing 3D Molded Egg Pop Bumpers
• Jumping Slingshot Facehuggers
• Revive Ball Saver
• Weapons Status Display
• 4 Flippers
• MU-TH-UR 6000 Saucer
• 2 Xenomorph Spinners
• 3 Steel Entrance Ramps
• Platform Ramps & Plastics made of PET-G
• Airlock Scoop Assembly with playfield protector
• Secret Airlock Entrance
• 2 Playfield Magnets
• 3 Bank APC Drop Targets
• 5 RGB lit Weapon Stand-Up Targets
• Metal Apron
• Razorback™ Electronic System
• Après-Ski-System™ for easier playfield handling
• Full RGB LED Lighting System
• Lit Star Posts
• Side Armor with Flipper Button protection
• 18.5" LCD Screen
• Stereo HiFidelity Sound System
• 8" bass speaker
• Shaker Motor Connector

Sell Whatever You Have

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Limited numbers Allocated.


An amazing collection of Modern highly desirable Pinball Machines

Many of these titles are "must have" pins and will be gone very quickly. 


Great Selection Of Games

Funhouse 2.0 Fitted with Rudy Madness Upgrade $17,990


Mustang Limited Edition Stern $17,990 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own


Junkyard $8,500 Worn Playfield but with Pin2DMD Color Display


Twilight Zone $16,990 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own With Color Pin2DMD Display


Guns & Roses Limited Edition $17,990 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own


Star Trek Next Generation $13,990 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own With Color Pin2DMD Display


Popeye Price $8,500 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own With Color Pin2DMD Display


ROLLER COASTER TYCOON $8,500 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own


Oktoberfest Prototype $13,500


Alien SV $14,990 In Stock Reconditioned & Ready to Own


Classic Vintage Games


Flying Turns EM $14,990


Major League EM Pitch and Bat $6,990


Rancho EM $3,490 2 Player


Playball EM $2,990 1 Player


Super Star EM $2,990 1 Player


Magic City EM $2,990 1 Player







 Please Note: 20% Restocking fee apply on all products for Cancelled orders or Change of Mind after Purchase.


Mr Pinball has landed an amazing collection of rare, highly desirable pinball machines

Direct from a Private Collector in the United States (not containered European crap).

Some of these titles haven't been available for years so

order quickly as these titles will sell fast!


Flying Turns EM $14,990

Major League EM Pitch and Bat $6,990

Rancho EM $3,490 2 Player

Playball EM $2,990 1 Player

Super Star EM $2,990 1 Player

Magic City EM $2,990 1 Player


Please Note: 20% Restocking fee apply on all products for Cancelled orders or Change of Mind after Purchase.

PLUS we have exclusive Australian distribution rights to....

Medieval Madness Remake, Attack From Mars, Monster Bash, Houdini, Mafia, Oktoberfest

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