Luna Park Hand Made Carnival Clowns

A very special Hand Made and Hand Painted clown that is unique and made with love by master artists. 

A Real Piece of Art.

This carnival Clown is Made from The Original Luna Park Clown Moulds from decades ago.

Each Clown is Hand Painted and no two clowns are the same.

Endless Hours have gone into the painting with so many colors, details and work involved that this clown should be selling for around $2000.


But for the love of the artists who have been making these clowns one by one for the past 15 years at minimal cost we are all lucky to be able to afford to own one at only $649.

Often only one clown is made per month and each one is totally unique. It is not unusual to see a dozen colors and patterns just around the eyes! 


These would look great as a Feature Piece in your Gamesroom, Lounge, Shop, Office or Bedroom.

A unique and Beautiful work of art, made with materials similar to Plaster of Paris as the original 1940's clowns were made of but much stronger. Each is moulded and fired, Hand Painted with special aged paints and Varnish glazed to a superb finish.

This will be your pride and joy and the ultimate talking point for all your friends and family.

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